Monday, May 25, 2009

some example Alpha queries by SWolfram

The breadth of this list is amazing.

First some "Higher Math", let's integrate x^2 sin^3 x dx

Now some civics, how about gdp france

And some "civics with arithmetic", what is the gdp of france / italy

And some "internet statistics", internet users in europe compared to china and the US

And some "geography", springfield

And some "meterology", weather springfield, for the last 5 years

And some "meterology on a date", weather springfield 11/6/89

And some "meterology related to a particular day", weather in chicago when barack obama was born

And "a speed value", 5 miles/sec

And "an earnings or charging rate", $17/hour

And "a temperature", 6000C

And "a quantity of text", 6000 words

And some "info about a word", accretion

And "an amount of a precious metal", 133 g of gold

And some "chemistry", 2.5 molar H2SO4

And some "more chemistry", water 2.5 atm 200C

And some "medicine, a number from a test", LDL 50

And the "same test for a particular demographic", LDL 50 smoker male age 40

And "comparing 2 tests for that demographic", LDL vs. serum potassium male age 40 smoker

And "another common medical test", psa 0.04

And some "straight demographics", life expectancy male age 40 finland

And "someone's stats", 5'8" 160 lbs

And some "calculations about someone with those stats", running 4 mph 30 minutes 5'8" 160 lbs age 40 female

And some "bioinformatics, a DNA sequence", ATAGTCCTAGTTAAA

And let's "pick a gene from the sequence", gene FASTKD2

And let's "computation near that gene", 500 bp upstream gene FASTKD2

And "a stock symbol", MSFT

And "comparing 2 companies stock", MSFT Apple

And some "mortgage finance", mortgage 5% 30 years

now use 10000 euros

And some "financial arithmetic", bond 7% 21 years

now change the yield

And some "engineering, an airfoil computation", NACA 4351 15 deg

And some "assorted colors", red + yellow

And "a musical scale", D# minor

now play it

And some "website info",

now show history

And some "social sciences", high school teacher median wages

And some "more social sciences", france fish production

And some "comparative social science", france fish production vs. poland

And some "nutrition", Vitamin c in 214g orange juice

And "a dynamic calorie chart", 2 cups OJ + 1 slice cheddar cheese

And some "searching for a crossword entry", a__t_r

And "back to geography", mt everest

And some "computations with that", height mt everest / length golden gate bridge



And some "computational geography", 3rd largest country in europe

And some "comparative geography", gdp vs. railway length in europe

And some "civics", president of brazil in 1922

And "a name", andrew

And "two names", andrew paul

And some "probabilities", 10 flips 2 heads

And a "numerical sequence", 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, ...

And some "US aeronautics", ISS


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